Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed Total Title is physically located in Ohio, but my property is in another state. How will Total Title be able to close my house given the distance?

We are licensed escrow agents in all 50 States and have a national presence. We have team members in each state that can perform your closing in person and at a location of your choice.

Are both parties (buyer and seller) together in person for the closing?

Not always. We often work with each party separately and at different times. This is common when parties are in different states.

Does Total Title offer remote closings?

Yes. We frequently conduct remote closings via our online notary service. For this option a seller must have access to the internet, a video webcam, and documentation supporting citizenship or lawful presence.

Does Total Title perform closings on bank-owned, foreclosed, and short-sale properties?

Yes. We work with asset managers and other lenders to close properties that have bank involvement.

How will I receive my funds post-closing?

Funds are either wired directly to a bank account or a physical check will be overnighted to an address of your choice.

How much does it cost to close with Total Title?

Each state, county, and local municipality have different costs when it comes to transferring real estate. Feel free to contact us for a specific quote for your property.

Where does closing take place?

The most common location is a realtor’s office. However, we are flexible and will accommodate each client’s needs.

When is closing scheduled?

Once the file is cleared to close, our coordination team will reach out to set up the closing with you. This is typically done within 48 hours of your closing. If you would like to schedule in advance, please give us a call.

How long does the closing process take?

The entire process is often done within 30 days. On the day of closing, please plan on spending one hour to meet with the notary/closer.